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HS6090 sold to Oak Cliff Metals

Harris is pleased to announce that Oak Cliff Metals has purchased a HS6090 shredder plant including; infeed conveyor, 24 Pulse 2,000HP motor package, ferrous downstream, and non-ferrous separation system to be located in their Waxahachie, Texas location.

“I traveled around looking at a few other shredders and after looking and talking to people about their operations, I just felt more comfortable with the Harris name and their support staff behind their product line,” said Benjie Smith, President. “I have always been a fan of Harris products and I feel sure Harris will still be #1 on my list when installation is complete.”

Scott Holder, Regional Sales Manager for Harris added, “We are excited and look forward to contributing to the success of Oak Cliff Metals’s shredding operation in Waxahachie, Texas.”

Oak Cliff Metals is focused on their customers and their mission is to provide clients consistent services and pricing that maximizes customer return.

Two Harris Shredders sold to Midwest Scrap Management

Harris is pleased to announce that Midwest Scrap Management, based in Kansas City and St. Joseph Missouri, has purchased two(2) Harris HS shredder plants; a HS 98115 and HS 125125.

These mark the third and fourth Harris shredder plant purchases for Midwest Scrap Management. Midwest bought their first Harris shredder in 2002, a HS 6090.

“From the first HS6090 to the current HS125125 running in Kansas City, Mo., Midwest Scrap has had great success with the Harris Shredders. When came time to expand and purchase another Shredder or two, the decision was an easy one for Kenny Burgess, founder and owner of MSM, Harris was his 1st & only choice” said Jim Summers, Operations Manager.

Summers cited dependability as a main factor in Midwest Scrap’s decision, “When comes to shredders, there just is not another shredder mill that can hold up to the punishment we give our Harris HS125125  day after day.” Summers added, “With over 1,000,000 tons ran thru our HS125125 it has proven itself time and time again to produce some of the cleanest and most dense scrap on the market.”

Along with the purchase of two shredder plants Midwest also purchased a 6000HP drive package to accompany a 7000HP drive package purchased earlier. One of the shredders will be located in Park City, KS, outside Wichita the second will be located in the southern United States.