Harris Helps Vogel Disposal Enter New Era

A Centurion baler from Harris has helped Pennsylvania-based Vogel Disposal step into a new era at its TC Recycling facility.

The TC Recycling LLC material recovery facility (MRF) in Mars, Pennsylvania, is where recyclable materials collected by Vogel Disposal go to get sorted, cleaned up, baled and otherwise prepared for shipment as secondary commodities.

Vogel Disposal, based in Mars, is a second-generation waste and recycling family business that collects material from commercial and residential customers in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. In 2017, the company committed to recycling by buying a new baler and investing in sorting equipment and technology that can sort up to 600 tons per day in an automated fashion.

For nearly three decades, the company’s recycling operations relied on an HRB-10 model baler built by Georgia- based Harris. According to Harris distributor Ken Ely Jr. of Ohio-based Ely Enterprises, 82-year-old Ed Vogel, who founded Vogel Disposal, quipped to Ely that he had “really taken advantage of him,” since the company was considering replacing the hard-working machine in just under 30 years.

Not surprisingly, Vogel Disposal opted to seek out a new Harris baler for its TC Recycling MRF in 2017 and also is making plans to invest in rebuilding its 1989-vintage HRB-10 to keep it running at a smaller facility.

At TC Recycling, the Vogel organization selected a Centurion two-ram baler model and worked with Harris and Ely Enterprises to install a machine that now works eight to 10 hours per day. The hard-working Centurion bales three different paper grades plus aluminum used beverage containers (UBCs), steel cans and plastic bottles.

Increased speed—leading to increased volumes per hour—and updated automation features were among the attractions of the Centurion that helped Vogel Disposal make its decision in that direction.

“It’s faster, but it’s comparable to the HRB in its sturdiness,” says Matthew Fickes, operations manager at TC Recycling, of the new baler. Regarding its automation, “When we switch grades, we hit the button for that product and it just sets off and does it. It’s a lot easier for my people; they can just hit the button for, say, OCC, and the Centurion knows how many straps and the pressure needed,” says Fickes.

Fickes and Ely say the Centurion’s bale separation door also makes it easier to switch grades at the multi-material MRF, and Fickes likes the online diagnostics feature. “Harris can dial into the machine and pinpoint where the problem is. A lot of issues they can address remotely,” notes Fickes.

Two-ram Harris Centurion balers have been a popular choice with recyclers of multiple materials seeking a reliable, automated high-volume machine since they were introduced the previous decade. More information on the heavy-duty models can be found at https://harrisequip.com/products/two-ram-balers/centurion/.

Automated Baling For An Active Company

Active Recycling in California is benefitting from automation features found in its new Harris Centurion baler.

Active Recycling Co. Inc. has been providing recycling services to residents and business customers in and around Los Angeles for several decades. The company takes in a variety of material, much of which has to be baled, meaning the quality and reliability of its baling equipment is a foremost concern.

Errol Segal, president of the Los Angeles-based company, says the secondary commodities most commonly purchased at Active’s three locations (two in Los Angeles and one in Van Nuys, California), include old corrugated containers (OCC), old newspapers (ONP), office paper, mixed paper, mixed rigid plastics, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, plastic film and auto bumpers.

At the company’s flagship facility on Slauson Avenue in south central Los Angeles, Segal says an HRB-8-2 model baler made by Georgia-based Harris was in place from 1986 until 2017, compressing the plant’s wide variety of collected materials for shipment.

After providing three decades of reliable service, Se- gal and Active Recycling made the decision to invest in a new baler for the site, opting for a two-ram Harris Centurion model that Segal says “produces heavier bales in considerably less time compared to the old HRB-8-2.”

The Centurion has provided the two things Segal says were most important to him: efficiency and reliability. On the reliability side, Segal says that “downtime due to breakdowns has been non-existent in the 16 months we have operated the new equipment.” Active Recycling operates its Centurion baler 365 days each year for nearly nine hours per day, according to Segal.

The Harris Centurion’s efficiency comes in part in the form of an automatic ejection door. “It has an eject door that is helpful when the chamber is accidentally overcharged,” says Segal. “Large bales are easily ejected out with this feature. Also, we are able to save labor costs by having the machine operate automatically,” he adds.

When shopping to replace his 30-year-old baler, Segal showed no hesitation in sticking with Harris, crediting his previous Harris baler’s reliability and the good relation- ship he has with both Harris and its Southern California dealer, Olympic Wire & Equipment. “Olympic President Jim Walker is honest and very knowledgeable on the Harris line of balers, and was instrumental in Active Recycling renewing our loyalty and patronage to Harris,” states Segal.

In making his new purchase, he was pleased with the personal attention he received from Harris. “The company’s service is excellent and timely, and we have been impressed by the support from Harris in Georgia. I even spoke with Harris President Greg King, complimenting him on the excellent quality of their machines and their level of support to Active Recycling.”

Two-ram Harris Centurion balers have proven to be a popular choice with recyclers of multiple materials seeking a reliable, automated high-volume machine.

More information on the heavy-duty models can be found at https://harrisequip.com/products/two-ram-balers/centurion/.

Efficiency Supplied by Harris

Nelson Packaging has reduced its operating costs by using Harris auto-tie balers to handle OCC at its Lima, Ohio, complex.

Lima, Ohio-based Nelson Packaging Co. Inc. (NPC) has enjoyed three decades of company growth in the plastics packaging sector. The company’s 330,000-square-foot complex prepares and fills consumer packaged products for both niche and global mass market customers.

Although making and filling consumer packaged goods is at the core of NPC’s business, the Lima complex receives a steady supply of materials and supplies shipped in corrugated boxes. The company’s daily operations generate a sizable amount of old corrugated containers (OCC) that would quickly yield a space-cluttering challenge if not baled and stored promptly.
According to NPC Chief Operating Officer James Loughrin, from 2000 to 2013 OCC at the Lima plant was handled first by one small vertical baler, with a second vertical baler and a manual-tie horizontal baler added during that timeframe. “These balers were in operation on two shifts with an average of two employees per baler per shift to operate,” says Loughrin.

In 2013, Loughrin and NPC contacted Ken Ely of Lorain, Ohio-based Harris recycling equipment dealer Ely Enterprises “to review options for a single auto-tie baling unit to reduce baling operational labor costs and combine all baling into one building at our site.”

The company’s new Harris HLO-518 AR50 horizontal baler “eliminated the three small balers from our site and, more importantly, allowed us to move 10 employees from baling into our packing operations,” states Loughrin.

NPC’s subsequent company growth, however, has meant yet more OCC generated onsite, and again Harris and Ely Enterprises were brought in to address the issue. “In 2015, NPC ownership invested in a major construction project to double our manufacturing space, which involved building a separate facility on our campus,” says Loughrin.

“As new business has been added to this new facility, the need arose for a second auto-tie baler,” he continues. “Our second auto-tie baler purchase was a Harris HLO-6110-AR50 horizontal baler.” Loughrin points to “volume capacity and dependability” as reasons why NPC has been loyal to the Harris brand. “Both balers have performed well,” says Loughrin. “The output from the Harris balers with improved bales (in terms of weight and size) has resulted in additional OCC revenue,” he notes.

He also credits his Harris dealer for providing attentive service that assures him NPC made the right choices. “Ely Enterprises has been our primary point of contact on both baler projects, and Ken and his team have earned an A+ rating for their unwavering integrity, excellent technical capability and responsive service.”

Harris HLO balers are built to keep such service at a minimum. They are constructed using a one-piece, side wall design with plate reinforcement to increase overall strength and durability and to withstand everyday wear and tear. More information on the durable models can be found at https://harrisequip.com/products/horizontal-balers/hlo/.

Harris to Sell Direct in United Kingdom and Ireland

March 21, 2018- Cordele, GA USA – Harris Waste Management, is pleased to announce we are selling our equipment direct in the United Kingdom and Ireland, for the recycling and waste services industry,

Effective immediately, all sales will be handled by the company’s long-established and experienced Parts and Service operation based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

According to Harris, the company will now handle the sales process entirely in-house, from the quotation to the order, shipping, installation and commissioning and the all-important parts and service support.

Harris’ President Greg King comments ‘We believe our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, will welcome a move that enables them to deal directly with the manufacturer which offers a seamless process from sale to installation and on-going product support.

Harris is regarded as the market leader in the supply of two-ram balers, capable of handling waste and recyclables including plastics, cardboard, aluminum and paper. These are complemented by comprehensive ranges of open- and closed-end horizontal balers, as well as shears, balers and shredders for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Parts for all Harris machines are held at the company’s Tewkesbury premises. Fully-mobile and experienced engineers are on hand to assist with all aspects of installation, servicing and trouble-shooting.

Further information available from:

Peter Coates

General Manager Harris Waste Management UK Ltd

Tel: + 44 (0) 1684 254980

Mobile: + 44 (0) 7801 239860

email: peter.coates@harrisequip.com uksales@harrisequip.com

Harris UK Relocates

Harris have relocated their UK/European parts and service operation to new, custom-built premises in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Located within just two minutes of the motorway network, the new location gives easy access both to UK customers and to international airports, for swift despatch of Harris parts across the UK, Europe and farther afield.

Harris UK is contactable on + 44 (0) 1684 254980, peter.coates@harrisequip.com

Harris Adding A New Distributor

Harris Proudly Announces Appointment of New


Plum Creek Environmental Technologies


March 28, 2017 – Cordele, GA – Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. is pleased to announce Plum Creek Environmental Technologies, LLC as its distributor for the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. This distributorship includes sales, parts and service of all Harris vertical, horizontal, and Two Ram balers, including Centurion/HRB brand balers.

President and CEO, Jim Wamble stated “Our staff at Plum Creek is delighted to partner with Harris Waste Management to bring the acknowledged premier recycling machinery manufacturer to our southern states customer base. Our dynamic growth is predicated on providing the finest and most productive equipment on the market, and Harris certainly fills that bill.” We invite former and current Harris customers to contact us on any recycling equipment needs. we are excited to have the knowledge and expertise of the Plum Creek Environmental’ team”  said Jeff Ham, Director of Sales for the US & Canada, Harris, “their commitment, capabilities and excellent reputation will bring added value to our current and future customer base in the region.

Plum Creek Environmental Technologies has recently relocated its corporate headquarters to West Point, MS., and can be contacted at (662) 327-4183 or  sales@PlumCreekET.com  or visit their website www.PlumCreekET.com

Harris is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of scrap processing, recycling and waste handling equipment and offers the most experienced, highly skilled team of scrap processing professionals and system design engineers in North America.   Please contact us at 1-800-468-5657,  229-273-2500  or info@harrisequip.com,  www.harrisequip.com


Harris Proudly Announces Appointment of New Dealer


Ely Enterprises, Inc

January 10, 2017 – Cordele, GA – Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. is pleased to announce Ely Enterprises, Inc. as the new distributor for the states of Ohio, SE Michigan, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania & Western New York.  Ely Enterprises is based in Lorain, OH. This distributorship includes sales, parts and service of all Harris vertical, horizontal, and Two Ram balers, including Cenuturion/HRB brand balers

Ely Enterprises had been involved with recycling equipment industry since 1981. “The leadership of Harris looked closely at its domestic dealer network last fall and determined some changes were needed, we are excited to have the knowledge and expertise of the Ely Enterprises’ team” said Jeff Ham, Director of Sales for the US & Canada, Harris, “their commitment, capabilities and excellent reputation will bring added value to our current and future customer base in the region.